Richard Maton

Director at Aperio Strategy and Executive Board Member International RegTech Association

Richard Maton is Director at Aperio Strategy and Executive Board Member International RegTech Association

Advisor to scaling early-stage firms, deep-tech venture builders and accelerators. Working with policymakers, regulators, global financial institutions, and technology providers to develop an industry blueprint for the digital optimisation of risk and compliance processes. Mentor at Allen and Overy's Fuse tech innovation space. Founder of the Financial Institution Innovation Network (FIIN) of multi-disciplinary practitioners supporting industry-led data science and innovation initiatives. Executive Board Member for the International RegTech Association. Founding team member for behavioural analytics firm Sybenetix, sold to Nasdaq. Held global roles in commercialising data warehousing and technology transformation in multiple industries. Delivered public/private sector-funded programmes for government.

13.30 PM - 14.30 PM

Thursday 26th May

Panel session B

Adoption of new RegTech technologies and identifying the enablers: Government infrastructure and support, knowledge and human resources