Prof. Khaled Chahine

Certificate Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)
  • Mr. Chahine owns a seasoned experience of 17 years in Banking, Financial Services and Micro Financing in addition to 10 years in Freight and Shipping Services.
  • In the Financial Sector, he has an extensive and specialized experience in Monitoring, Compliance, Internal Audit, Retail, Common Reporting Standards (CRS), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and General Data Protection Regulation.
  • During his journey in the Financial Sector he was charged with the responsibility of establishing the internal audit function for a micro financing institution, and the Legal Compliance function for one of the big five banks in Lebanon.
  • Khaled is working as Consultant for several parties in his fields of experience, these parties are working in diversified fields, such as Agriculture, Constructions, Medical Services, Charities, Educational Centers, Universities, Sports and Music.
  • He is being interviewed by several newspaper and media professional groups, to present his opinion in several subjects such as Banking, Finance, Economy, Environmental crimes…
  • He established GRADES Research and Development Center, concerned in providing Consultancies and Advisories in fields of experience, issuing Studies and Articles, drafting Agreements and Contracts, organizing Conferences and Workshops, providing Trainings in Financial and Banking subjects and issuing related Certifications, and preparing Research.
  • He holds a Bachelor degree in Law, in addition to being:
    • Currently enrolled to the Masters degree in Private Law, expected to be complete during June 2022
    • Holds the CAMS certificate Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
    • Holds a Certification in Accounting and Auditing
    • Holds several Certificates from accredited Universities and Institutions in Laws and Internal Audit, and other specialties.