Oluwatobi Towoju

Expert in the banking, finance and securities sector // Founder of Fintech Risk Managers Network (FRIMAN)

Oluwatobi Towoju is a seasoned expert in the banking, finance and securities sector. His experience spans a wide range of areas, including internal control, compliance, audit, governance, and risk management. His fascination with process automation led Oluwatobi to become interested in introducing technology into risk management which fueled the decision to found the Fintech Risk Managers Network (FRIMAN). FRIMAN is a growing community of professional risk managers operating within the African FINTECH space. It is a volunteer group of risk industry professionals whose mission is to promote sound risk management standards and practices within the financial technology ecosystem.

14.30 PM - 15.30 PM

Thursday 26th May

Panel Session A

Blockchain Use-cases: Designing with the public interest in mind