Josina Rodrigues

Member of the Academic Advisory Body at INATBA

Josina Rodrigues is the first holder of a blockchain PhD in Portugal. Before starting her thesis in 2016, as an economist, she worked for over 20 years in the corporate world as a Marketing & Finance Director and as a Consultant & Advisor for several enterprises based in Latin America and Europe. Josina is currently a Blockchain and Digital Transformation Expert and a member of the United Gulf Industrial Consortia, trainer at Blockchain SVCS, consultant for Kivachain and Juubix, as well as a lecturer in the digital economy and an advisor for different structures. Additionally, Josina is a member of the Academic Advisory Body at INATBA (International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications), where she supported the MICA, the Policy Position on Market in Crypto-Assets.

12.20 PM - 13.20 PM

Thursday 26th May

Roundtable A

CBDCs: Achieving an open, safe and competitive monetary system that supports innovation.