Jonathan B. Mugisa

Social Entrepreneur,// Speaker

Jonathan B. Mugisa is a Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Double Awarded Consultant & Business Coach working with Telecom multinationals and Management Consulting Companies in Canada. Jonathan’s expertise ranges across entrepreneurship and Business coaching, strategic planning, organization design and transformation, and leadership development. His industry experience encompasses marketing and sales, management consulting and nonprofit across Africa and North-America.

In addition to his tenure at Spears Connect Group as the Group CEO, Jonathan has worked with an extensive number of organizations including UN- SDSN, Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany), All Trust Consult (Rwanda), Africa Youth Leadership Forum (Great-lakes and East-African Countries), AspireOne Mentorship, etc serving in business development and marketing roles responsible to heighten organizational outcomes by optimizing the human capital and the target population. His portfolio include Government institutions, Universities, early stage start-ups, multinational corporations; his clientele spans from Japan to Canada via Africa, Europe and the United States.

Jonathan is a Hansen Leadership Institute’s Fellow, as well as Robert Bosch Stiftung Alumnus, Ashoka Fellow, Department of State’s Young African Leadership Initiative’s Alumnus, etc.

As an Educator, primarily, Jonathan’s work has been to use entrepreneurship as a peace-building method in the Great-Lakes region for the past 7 years, empowering youths to step to the forefront of positive change, creating and running social entrepreneurial ventures, and promoting social inclusion and diversity, amounting to about 250.000 people from about 35 countries.

As a sought-after Speaker, Jonathan has spoken to audiences going from the Harvard University, US Embassy in Burundi, University of San Diego, to several international conferences and speaks to companies/organizations from Japan to North-America.

Based in British Columbia, Canada; Jonathan works in multiple capacities helping organizations maximize on the multicultural market and workforce Canada is known for since 2019, earning him double Awards as the Consultant of the year 2019 and 2020. Besides, Jonathan advises startups and has invested in couple of tech startups in Africa.

11.00 AM - 12.00 AM

Thursday 26th May

Breakout Session B in French

Data protection regulation: Building a culture of change towards more responsible behaviour