Grant Haarhoff

CFO of Paycode (Pty) Ltd

Grant is the CFO of Paycode (Pty) Ltd, a leading fintech company specializing in financial inclusion, with the goal of bringing financial services to the 1.7 billion unbanked people globally. Paycode has already onboarded over 5 million people in 8 countries, and is rapidly expanding into new markets, reaching those in even the deepest rural areas.

Prior to Paycode, he completed 6 years’ service at the South African Reserve Bank, including a year as the Acting Group CFO, responsible for the financial reporting of the SARB, the CFOs of the currency producing subsidiaries, the transactional banking function performed for government, SARB procurement, and others. He was also the Public Officer of the SARB, Principal Officer of the SARB Retirement Fund, and Deputy to the Group CFO. He served on a number of committees including the Fintech Steerco, Architecture steerco and IT steerco.

Grant brings the unique perspective of having served organisations as both the regulator and the regulated. He is driven by his passion for financial inclusion and leading technologies, and how these can work together to solve the challenges faced in including the underserved members of society.

12.20 PM - 13.20 PM

Thursday 26th May

Roundtable B

How to pave the way for collaboration between Fin/RegTechs & Financial Institutions