Gary Lyons

Co-founder // Regtick

Gary graduated from the University of Ulster with a degree in Law and Criminology and a Master’s in international Commercial Law and ADR. Gary has had a diverse career in the regulatory and compliance sectors. Gary previously served as a Detective within the London Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard Company Fraud Squad, specialising in international money laundering, corporate fraud, public sector corruption and confidential financial disclosure investigations. Gary has gone on to have a successful business career having held senior management roles with a focus on corporate governance and financial crime. Together with his co-founder Gary has developed Regtick to provide clients with a simple clear path to compliance, drawing on his experience in the sector to take the complexity out of their compliance.

12.30 PM - 13.30 PM

Wednesday 25th May

Roundtable A

Regtech and it’s impact in empowering Public and Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance