Senior Financial Sector Specialist, FIG Advisory Global Practice, IFC

Elaine is currently a Global Specialist on the Secured Transactions and Asset Based Lending (ST/ABL) team for WBG’s financial infrastructure secured lending product based in Washington, DC.  Elaine works with WBG clients in the Asia and Africa regions extensively and contributes regularly to the ongoing Financial Inclusion development agenda of ASEAN and APEC Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) working groups, as well as the UNCITRAL (Asia Chapter).  Elaine has over twenty years of public and private sector experience in legislative reform projects, specifically in the area of secured transactions/public policy development, movable property registry implementation and movables-based market development and deepening.

Elaine was a former Registrar of both Land Titles (immoveable) and Personal Property (moveable) in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has participated in the design, development and implementation of secured transaction reform projects and registry systems in Canada, Caribbean, South East Asia and Africa regions under Common, Civil and Islamic law regimes.  She has extensive experience in legislative and public sector institutional reform projects involving various alternative operational and governance models. She actively monitors the global developments of secured transaction laws and operational frameworks as a means to support access to finance for the mSME sector.  

12.30 PM - 13.30 PM

Wednesday 25th May

Roundtable B

Regulation vs Innovation: Promises and pitfalls of digital lending in emerging markets