Dr Frederic Jumelle

Founder // Ydentity Organization

Dr Frederic Jumelle is the founder of the Ydentity Organization. He assumes the role of Chairman working with the Organization to maintain the positioning of Ydentity from a science and technology perspective.

Dr Jumelle is a creative entrepreneur focusing on the development of AI Deeptech and interfaces for Human Machine Interaction (HMI). He moved to Asia in 2012 to apply his knowledge and experience to the pioneering field of cognitive modelling and neuromorphic systems. He is currently the founder of three start-ups specialized in research, development and marketing of innovative technologies including PII-free decentralized ID for the Web3, user-centric cryptography and digital twin for robo-advisory gearing towards a more advanced, seamless, and smarter HMI.

Dr. Jumelle holds 7 patents and made 17 publications in the field of AI Neural Networks. He also co-pilots a research team at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, for the deployment of a lightweight ArousalNet for emotional recognition on edge devices.

Dr Jumelle has a Doctor of Medicine with a postgraduate degree in Psychiatry (PhD) from GHU Paris Psychiatry & Neurosciences Sainte-Anne. He is a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.